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Facebook-land and the Twitter-verse has been rampant with videos and posts about the Ice Bucket Challenge.  I’ve been seeing quite a few posts where folks complain about the pervasiveness and even some (highly disappointing) posts in a few of the MS support groups that seem to begrudge the attention and funds being brought to ALS as a result. As someone who is dealing with MS, I now know several people with more aggressive forms of the disease and I know it can be a nasty – there’s no question – but ALS is terrifying.

In case you haven’t yet seen it, I encourage everyone to watch this video (the first part is pretty ridiculous, so I skipped forward to start the video at the part that I think everyone should see):

I found this video incredibly moving and it shows the quick, frightening progression of ALS:

I personally am glad to see so much attention brought to a disease that clearly needs it.